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Riku Taifu, while talking with Nansen, said, "Jō Hosshi said, 'Heaven and earth and I are of the same root. All things and I are of one substance.' Isn't that absolutely fantastic?" 
Nansen pointed to a flower in the garden, called Taifu to him, and said, "People of these days see this flower as though they were in a dream."

Intro Pada

1.1 Social media (SM) is here to stay and it’s neither good nor bad; It is what we make of it. So what are you making of it? 

1.2 I apply Yoga Sutra techniques when I use SM so I don't ruin my day, my ability to concentrate or my relationships.

1.3 These techniques are not new and can be used for any decision or action. A great way to practice these yoga/meditation techniques is by using SM, since SM is easy to access and a potential energy and time drain.

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"He has never failed to give me something new or relevant to consider for my own practice."
— Michelle Landau
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— Lolly Walsh
"The great thing about Richard's style of teaching yoga is that he makes his class a safe place to challenge yourself."
— Irene Arduini
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— Clyde Jones
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"Richard's knowledge and philosophy have allowed me great comfort during what might have been an intimidating introduction to yoga."
— Jeffrey Charles Pierce