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Between the forecast and my own amateur meterology, I'm rolling with it today. Should be cool and cloudy, which is great biking weather. Bring rain gear, and we'll see if the weather holds for the yoga afterward.

I'll see everyone in Highland Park at 9am!

Riku Taifu, while talking with Nansen, said, "Jō Hosshi said, 'Heaven and earth and I are of the same root. All things and I are of one substance.' Isn't that absolutely fantastic?" 
Nansen pointed to a flower in the garden, called Taifu to him, and said, "People of these days see this flower as though they were in a dream."

Intro Pada

1.1 Social media (SM) is here to stay and it’s neither good nor bad; It is what we make of it. So what are you making of it? 

1.2 I apply Yoga Sutra techniques when I use SM so I don't ruin my day, my ability to concentrate or my relationships.

1.3 These techniques are not new and can be used for any decision or action. A great way to practice these yoga/meditation techniques is by using SM, since SM is easy to access and a potential energy and time drain.

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"He has never failed to give me something new or relevant to consider for my own practice."
— Michelle Landau
"He is approachable and friendly, and is one of my favorite yoga teachers.“
— Lolly Walsh
"The great thing about Richard's style of teaching yoga is that he makes his class a safe place to challenge yourself."
— Irene Arduini
"Everyone from the newbie yogi to yoga instructors can learn something from Richard, I know I did!"
— Melita Mollohan
"Thanks to Richard, yoga has become an integral part of my life; something I look forward to and wouldn’t want to be without."
— Clyde Jones
"AWESOME workshop—I look forward to the next one!”
— Caroline Whitby
"Richard's knowledge and philosophy have allowed me great comfort during what might have been an intimidating introduction to yoga."
— Jeffrey Charles Pierce